Created in 2020, the umbrella concept of the Truth Clinic has grown to include MenScape, an online men's mental health group where we share ideas about various topics including nutrition and personal development, The Write Coach, an online healing and counselling service which was created to help people who have a story to tell and who wish to embark on the journey of telling that story by publishing their own book. And finally, we have the Parental Alienation Coach, an online support service provided for parents and children who are overcoming narcissistic abuse.  Welcome to #TheTruthClinic

Parental Alienation Coach 

Here at the Truth Clinic, we are passionate about personal development, self-worth, healing, advice and guidance for people going through the nightmare that is narcissistic abuse, family trauma and parental alienation.

Sadly, this type of family trauma is multigenerational, and quite common.

It also knows no gender bias. While I have mostly dealt with men it is a fact that PAS can affect both mothers and fathers alike.

“The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.”

Speaking your truth, accepting responsibility for your own life situation, being your own authority, and sitting in your power.

These things are important. You cannot allow yourself to be swayed from your Truth.

The Truth Clinic, created in 2020, is a safe place for people to come and chat.

Be listened to, and if they seek advice, offer help, support and guidance.

Authenticity. Being genuine.

Unlearning lack of self-love has been a huge part in my journey of healing through the isolation, abandonment, rejection, scapegoating and abuse of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Feel free to book in with me for a free session by email or on the whatsapp button below and we can have a chat.

NEW : Six week Online Parental Alienation Masterclass

The Write Coach 

Ever think of writing your own book, but didn't know where to start? At The Write Coach we can help turn your dream to reality.

Writing the story of one's life journey can be hugely cathertic, highly rewarding, and often somewhat surprisingly, very fulfilling in a spiritual way, which brings healing to the family.

Author Carl J Ashley at The Truth Clinic and MenScape created the Write Coach book writing services with the following philosophy in mind :

“Everyone has a story to tell.”

Rich, poor, old, young, fat, thin, gay, straight, white, black, purple or orange, we all have a story to tell.

After publishing my third narrative, non-fiction book, via the self-publishing option, I realised just how profound my experiences of telling my story, and telling it like it is, speaking my truth, had been an important part of my healing journey.

Furthermore, being a write coach and book writing mentor, my copywriting, proofreading, editing and book writing skills mean as a ghostwriter, I can help put clients’ stories into words.

Do you have an inspirational story to tell?

Feel free to use the whatsapp button below to book a free online consultancy call to find out if we are what you are looking for!

MenScape Group 

Men's mental health awareness group Menscape was created in Feb 2020 by published author and public speaker Carl J Ashley.

The group is about sharing ideas and information and is mostly, but not exclusively, aimed at guys who have experienced grief, loss, bereavement, separation, divorce, addiction and depression. Even victims of narcissistic abuse such as PAS or PArental Alienation Sybdrome.

“I have enjoyed participating in the MenScape group - Always an interesting mix of characters offering something new to contribute to and learn.”

Initially created as a support group during the lockdown, but evolving more into a peer group we are there to listen to one another and provide support.

Each member participating has an opportunity to speak without interruption or judgement.

There is a whatsapp group which we regularly contribute towards and the core ethos is simply being committed to being the best version of ourselves we can be.

If you would like to join us, feel free to get in touch!

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