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Here at the Truth Clinic, we are passionate about personal development, self-worth, healing, advice and guidance for people going through the nightmare that is narcissistic abuse, family trauma and parental alienation.

Sadly, this type of family trauma is multigenerational, and quite common. It also knows no gender bias. While I have mostly dealt with men and facilitate an online men’s mental health group entitled MenScape it is a fact that PAS can affect both mothers and fathers alike.

Unfortunately, many of the victims of this psychological abuse end up struggling with addictions, have difficulty forming new relationships and setting healthy boundaries, and some can even fall foul of depression and eventually suicide.

The consequences for all of the family can be horrific. Particularly without early identification and intervention, and some guidance.

Not being able to see your children, as a loving parent, through the vengeful and insidious narcissistic behaviour of an ex-partner and co-parent, is particularly traumatizing. When one discovers then that the family courts can disregard your story and find in favour of the alienating parent, who is often manipulative and charming, the situation can worsen and we can feel isolated, alone, abandoned, victimized, scapegoated, and full of despair.

Then when we talk to a family member or a friend, who hasn’t gone through it, we can find they have no idea. They just don’t get it. How could they?

And this can compound the isolation, depression, and hopelessness which we can all too often feel when we are not understood, heard or supported.

Nonetheless, I can personally vouch for the fact that there is life after narcissistic abuse and parental alienation.

We can rebuild our lives one day at a time with the right support.

However, the situation we find ourselves in at first can be shocking.

Indeed, we may encounter shock then denial.

Then acceptance, then progress, and then some healing.

Not only is it traumatizing for the alienated parent, but also for the child or children involved. After all, they are the ones who are robbed of a healthy relationship with a loving parent, through no fault of their own.

Regrettably, in Ireland the family law and courts system together with the child psychological services, officially do not recognize PAS. In many cases they can actually be seen to actively exacerbate it, and in some cases, even profit from it. There are without doubt some good solicitors out there who are sensitive to cases of PAS, but they may be few and far between, and expensive.

Thus, alienated parents may find that they need to take on dealing with this for themselves.

Navigating a path of mastery, for maximum wellbeing and the long-term benefit of both the alienated parent and the alienated child and navigating a path through the pain and suffering of PAS (Parental Alienation Syndrome) is much more possible with some help and support.

We have put together an online Masterclass for those who feel they may benefit from some professional advice and support. Attendees will need to access a laptop or computer and download Zoom software, but other than that, there is no requirement other than a commitment to one 90-minute session per week and some intermittent research in between the online sessions.

In order to make it affordable, and reach as many parents as we can, we have limited spaces on the course to twelve people, and we will do this for an introductory special offer fee of 247 euro per person, on a first come first serve basis.

Attendees will be notified by email once their payment has been received and they have been booked a space on the course.

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The Truth Clinic is a safe place for people to come and chat.

Be listened to.

And if they seek advice, receive some guidance, mentorship, advice and help.

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