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Welcome to the Parental Alienation Coach!

The Truth Clinic is a safe place for people to come and chat. Be listened to, and if they seek advice, receive some guidance, mentorship, advice and help. Sharing with others a passion for speaking our Truth, I realised that my own personal struggles, were the struggles of many within the human paradigm.

I was left feeling hurt, marginalised, misunderstood, alienated, scapegoated and rejected. Let's just say this Black Sheep was winning very few popularity contests!

My own healing journey would have been characterised by coping with and recovering from bereavement, depression, addictions, victimhood, anxiety and a lack of self-love and self-worth rooted in childhood trauma.

This typically manifested in adulthood relationships, where I experienced unhealthy behaviour patterns, codependency and narcissistic abuse. My parents were decent enough people, thankfully, yet nonetheless carried their own baggage of unhealed multigenerational trauma. To this day my struggles include dealing with and helping others navigate a path through Parental Alienation Syndrome or PAS.

Parental Alienation is a particularly cruel form of psychological abuse, a kind of bereavement, whereby we grieve the loss of people who are still living, our beloved children, but they have been coached to reject us, the loving parent, by the alienating parent, whose unhealed trauma and disordered mental health issues allow them to convince themselves that it is somehow in the best interests of the children to have a loving parent completely removed from the children's lives.

Somehow we must navigate this path with wisdom, healing and compassion.




A Six week online PAS masterclass has been put together for those who are interested in learning how best to cope with the issues we face as victims of PAS. For more details, pls get in touch through the contact form, or via social media, or click on the following button:

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The struggles I encountered were documented in each of the books I have written, leading me to create the Write Coach, a service whereby I help guide others through the process of healing through writing.

 Indeed, speaking your truth as a sovereign, divine being is an important part of the healing journey, and cathartic in nature. Naturally, the revealing of your Truth will be unique to your own path and journey.


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