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My first book, The Fox and the Scorpion meets Cold Turkey published in 2016, was mostly written in 2012 and documents my addiction battle after 25 years of smoking and slipping into a habit of drinking a bottle of wine (at least) every night - I'd come to a crossroads in my life after going to see a psychic medium and decided I'd had enough and chose a path away from addictive behaviours and abusive behaviour patterns.

My second book, In Search of Love and Destiny was written in the summer of 1998 when I voyaged solo across the world from Leeds, England, via Bahrain, to Bangkok, Thailand sporting a pristine rucksack, a wide-eyed smile and a trusty notepad and pen, to meet my then girlfriend (and future wife). It had been my first time travelling abroad on my own and I was very naive, so much so that I left on an open ticket for 3 months and after a couple of life-threatening experiences and running out of money, I ended up back in England after only 10 days!

My third book, Mancunian Buddha, was written in 2017 and 2018, and sprinkles some ancient wisdom among a narrative which documents a journey navigating through midlife crisis after midlife crisis ; the death of my father, the breakup of a marriage which saw 4 children over 22 years, and choosing a healing path away from abusive behaviour patterns typified by family trauma, lack of self-love and codependency.



CATHARSIS - A Healing Journey

I understand that I won't be everybody's cup of tea, nonetheless, I feel that the many issues and themes raised in my three books will resonate with many folks and be closer and more common than what we may at first think. These issues include family trauma, addictions, low self-esteem and depression, mindfulness meditation,  Buddhism and Buddhist philosophy, door-to-door sales, embarking on a healing journey and not to forget the meteoric resurgence of the absolutely fabulous Manchester City Football Club!

At the crux of my writings is honesty. And the cathartic process of telling what happened and expressing the truth.

No bullshit. Telling it like it is.

You will enjoy, it is hoped, and appreciate my honesty!


#Truth #TruthVibrations #TheTruthClinic


The crux of my writings is honesty. No bullshit. Telling it like it is.

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