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Based in Tipperary, Ireland, and founded in 2021 by published author and public speaker Carl J Ashley, the Write Coach is offering writing mentorship as well as ghostwriting services, professional editing, proofreading and copywriting services to those who have plucked up the courage to tell the story of their own journey.



I am a Healer, and I help people to heal themselves through the Power of the Written Word. t is my belief that everyone has a story to tell, and no matter how seemingly insignificant, people sometimes forget that their story can be hugely inspirational to others, cathartic in terms of thier own healing, and hugely beneficial in terms of moving beyond the pain of family trauma.

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Writing Is Healing



Telling it like it is can bring up many issues.

You may be sensitive to friends, families and situations, and telling your story may become traumatic when reliving or re-telling traumatic experiences.

Bringing issues up and out is part of the healing process.

Cathartic in nature, I successfully documented my experiences, firstly, in The Fox and the Scorpion meet Cold Turkey, of taking up a mindfulness practice to help deal with addiction and depression.

Then, more recently, in Mancunian Buddha, of surviving bereavement, marriage separation and lack of self-love.

In some ways bringing up these kinds of issues can bring difficulties – it is certainly not for the faint-hearted or those afraid of being honest and genuine, or even more commonly, afraid of what other people might think!

Indeed, authenticity is at the crux of writing honestly, and telling the story of your journey.

Your Journey



The writing process may seem like a pipe dream to many, particularly if there is a lack of confidence when it comes to spelling, grammar, punctuation or formatting text and copy. We work with people from a broad spectrum of backgrounds!

Writing a book is not easy – expect there to be difficulties. However, the Write Coach can assist you in the process of turning your story into a real book of your own, with a structured process depending on your budget, level of proficiency and requirements.




Please do not let your doubts daunt you from sharing your unique story about your unique journey!

Many of us have to learn to overcome self-sabotage, lack of self-love and the mistaken belief that we are not capable because we are not enough.

Where my services may be relevant, and where I can assist you, it would be great to embark on your book, and telling the story of your journey in some part together.

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