It is an honor and a privilege to work with aspiring writers.

Not only because they are sharing with me intimate details of a personal nature, which incorporates trust.

But also because of the joy and fulfillment I personally realise at seeing someone transform into a more confident person, stepping into their power as an author, and doing the healing work on themselves as part of that process.

This cathartic journey, of telling it like it is, is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Indeed all of my clients demonstrate huge courage, honesty, and vulnerability – therein lies their potential.

Some clients have kindly offered to share their views on working with me, via the attached testimonial videos.

Please have a listen and if you think I could be what you are looking for, and we may work together, then perhaps we will.

"Once again Carl you hit it right on the button! Thanks for pointing out my lingo - I knew there was something off and I was manifesting an energy of lack somewhere. I wrote a journal entry about the "want" and "should" and I also revisited an activity I did back in January where I wrote out my desires as experiences, growth wishes, and contributions.

I decided to edit some of the words to eliminate the "wants" and it is interesting to me that the activity is called "Desire from your Soul" - True Wanting It was an expression of our soul having a human experience and how we'd like to be with it.

I added to it and I also found it joyful that in the contribution section, I had written that I desired to put my words, and thoughts into writing and I noted a book or blog.

Ha, funny b/c you have arrived in the meantime and are teaching me not only how to write this journey but process it in the 3D as well. (MIND-BLOWING how this works!!)."

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