Avoiding the Pitfalls of Procrastination and Self-Sabotage when Writing Your Book

Hi everyone hope you are well, now that Autumn is upon us, the darker nights draw in, the kids are back at school, and we may even have to think about putting a fire down, that summer sun is becoming a distant memory and we may find time to get back to writing our book. Only will we?

There are many ways in which we can distract ourselves or find ourselves being drawn away from the true purpose of being committed to telling the story of our journey. Why is that?! 

Welcome to the Write Coach September 2023 Truth Clinic blog, published in conjunction with an upcoming free Write Coach online masterclass hosted by myself, Carl J Ashley author, and my partner (and qualified hypnotherapist) Dee O’Connor, which will take place next Thursday 21st September at 6pm Irish time (GMT) on the Autumn equinox. Please use the link to join us below. The topic speaks for itself –  Avoiding the Pitfalls of Procrastination and Self-Sabotage when Writing Your Book! 

We will be discussing the myriad phenomena which can interrupt, sidetrack and derail us once we have embarked upon the commitment to tell our own story. Indeed these can be many and varied, and no doubt some will be genuine.

However, we have noticed some common patterns which can emerge, rooted in lack of self-love, or lack of self-belief.

And by bringing our awareness to these behaviour patterns and the subconscious programming which can contribute towards how they are caused, is a huge way of being able to navigate a path through them. If not even flat out just reprogramming those inhibiting subconscious programmes!

Interestingly, I recall back in 2012 when I used to imagine a little monster in my tummy that was hungry for nicotine, when I was writing my addiction diary to help with ditching the fags, and I would even talk to it! Ooh look here comes a big one now (desire/nicotine pang) and Whoosh! Let it pass and it’s gone. Next! Being conscious of our self-talk is huge. It is important to make sure it is positive!

Be sure to check out the free Write Coach guide to help with getting started here: https://thetruthclinic.com/free-guide/ and feel free to email us at info@thetruthclinic.com if you have any questions!

During the masterclass we will hear from those who have experienced overcoming self-doubt, procrastination, imposter syndrome and self-sabotaging techniques, while writing their book.

The event will be free of charge to existing clients, and for those not currently Write Coach clients the event will be by donation only, so if you feel inclined to do so, you can make a contribution. But there is no pressure to make a payment to avail of this online masterclass.

Procrastination is the enemy of every writer!

Indeed we can all sway from being highly productive to completely unproductive! Thus overcoming Self-Doubt is crucial. Life circumstances can provide distraction and uncertainty, and while recognising this, it is important we maintain and prioritise Self-Care, Self-Esteem, Self-Acceptance, Self-Belief, Self-Respect and Self-Love while coming from an energetic vibration of Authenticity and Truth.

Feel free to book in with me to organise a free session and I will answer your questions if you are thinking about overcoming the demons of self-sabotage by writing your own book!

Here are some questions to consider before joining us on the Autumn Equinox masterclass:

What has been the biggest challenge when writing your book? What has been the biggest challenge in having the discipline to sit and write for 10 minutes a day? Who or what is your biggest inspiration to write? How much importance do you place on the writing environment? Do you write directly on a laptop or do you prefer writing pen to paper? Would you write more than one book? Do you have the title of your book in mind already? If so what will it be and why? Would you prefer to self-publish or do you have the resources to pay for a publishing company or employ an agent? What are the pros and cons of self-publishing? And perhaps the most interesting question of all – how will you feel once you have your own book in your hand?

Join us to discuss these questions and more in the upcoming online Masterclass on 21st September at 6pm Irish time!

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Looking forward to seeing you there!

Carl J Ashley author September 2023