To Self-Publish or not to Self-Publish, that is the question?!

Autumn greetings! Back in 2012, when I quit drinking and smoking and started writing the addiction diary which ultimately became my first book The Fox and the Scorpion meet Cold Turkey it is fair to say that I didn’t give much thought to publishing. That seemed a long way off and to be honest as an aspiring writer my expectations were low and I was just delighted I had been able to commit to being disciplined about a regular writing practice.

However, after a few weeks of regular writing and feeling more confident, I had realised that my diary, which was not only cathartic but also therapeutic in nature, was going to become a book, and I started to join writers’ groups on social media channels where I could connect with other writers around the world.

Before long, I was confronted with the question above. Self-publishing. What were the pros and cons? I received good advice from complete strangers. Well-meaning but kind strangers in these writing groups. Some were editors, some were writers some were well-known, some were not. They said I could avail of an agent and court publishing companies, but that would require time and money.

The reality of my situation was that I was an unknown guy, and although my ego didn’t want to hear it, presumably people wouldn’t be that interested in me or my story. Furthermore, I was a family man, with four children, three dogs and a crazy cat. A day job and a part-time hustle doing pc repair for cash in hand. I simply couldn’t afford to have the time to court the publishing houses, and “accumulate the rejection slips”.

Was I the next JK Rowling? Evidently not! But if I was writing high quality science-fiction to a potential audience of teenagers worldwide, rather than personal memoir, and documenting my journey through addictions, depression, and lack of self-love, it could have been different in the way it affected my decision-making process.

Whether you intend to self-publish or not will depend upon physical resources and intention. Where do you see yourself with your book? Have you decided whether to self-publish ot not already?

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For me, self-publishing was the route I would take from the get-go. And then book launches at local locations to promote mental health awareness issues. Fortunately, I attracted some great guest speakers, at some fantastic local locations, and was happy with that.

Sourcing a good graphic designer for the book cover was my only problem, once I could upload my book in the form of a document the self-publishing channels required. I met a local guy in County Clare and liked what he produced for me. Plus he didn’t cost a fortune. Bingo. Sorted.

Did I make money from selling books? A little, but not as much as I spent on book launches, paying for self-publishing, graphic design and other costs which were incurred gradually.

But money was not my driver. The sense of achievement was more important, and the finishing of a four-year project where I could touch, hold, feel and smell my own book. It was no mean feat! It also became evident that once I had produced my first book, there would be more, and if people bought them and I made a few quid, it would simply be a bonus. The crux of my writings was honesty and truth. Telling it like it is, and speaking my truth. Being heard. Having my expression validated. And of course, the embarking on a healing path.

To me there were much more important things at stake than making money. However, if a future book could sell a few million copies and I make a few million bob, I wouldn’t grumble!

Looking forward to seeing you on Wednesday 25th October at 7pm Irish time. And greetings to you, wherever in the world you may be, from Tipperary!

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“I love being a writer. I just cannot stand the paperwork!” Peter de Vries.

Carl J Ashley

October 2023