Truth Clinic welcomes The Parental Alienation Coach

I’m a long time truther. Having read a David Icke book back in 2009 that blew my mind, “9/11 was an inside job”, or something like that.

Long before that I intuitively sensed then actively figured something was wrong with the education system and academics, not to mention the media and the so-called ‘health system’. Politics and business too. Man, more or less everything that guy predicted 30 yrs ago has unfolded!

And the evidence is plainly there. So the only people who cannot accept the Truth are the ones afraid to look at it. Regardless of what you personally think about public figure truthers such as David Icke, Alex Jones, maybe even Russell Brand, the fact remains obvious : we have been lied to about virtually EVERYTHING.

The attack upon our health, freedoms and our culture. The attack on masculinity, the attack on family unity, the attack on wholesome values, the attack on sovereignty. The attack on growing our own food with goodness knows what they are spraying on us. All of this is part of a planned and detailed agenda, once we make the effort to join up the dots.

Indeed, once we realise that things are the way they are, to literally create us to feel angry, upset, hurt, depressed and so on, we can start to change our lives from the inside out. The website I created, the Truth Clinic, which is now an umbrella concept for the men’s mental health group  (MenScape) I facilitate, the Write Coach clients I help, and now the Parental Alienation coaching work I’m doing, is all about the truth.

Truth is of the highest vibrational energy, like love and joy.

Speaking our truth, and being heard, is an important part of our journey.

Furthermore, the truth can be subjective, in the sense that what is a truth for me can be a lie to someone else, and vice versa. The shitshow over the last three years, with lockdowns, a fake virus and a fake pandemic, has shown us very clearly what is going on in our society. With nurses and police doing dance routines while grannies were being locked away to be killed without seeing their grandchildren. Did this really happen?

Some might say it was all a predicted psy-op. perpetrated by cruel, unempathetic beings (some say they may not be human) behind this agenda to enslave and destroy humanity. Whoever or whatever they are, it can be seen that they have infiltrated every level of society. Colluding with satanic paedophiles. who prey on the innocent and subvert what is good and wholesome.

One may even see that we are in a spiritual war, and the lines are drawn between good and evil.

For those of us who have experience as alienated parents, we see how this plays out at the family level. Grief, shock, and denial. Psychological abuse being perpetrated upon our children. Deception and manipulation. Loving parents scapegoated, isolated and abandoned. The behaviour of some mentally unwell parents not caring for their children but using them as tools. Genuinely loving parents being abused and undermined. Lawyers and judges not telling the truth, and embodying a legal system which perpetuates the abuse. And on top of that, a school system which is dumbing down our kids and hitting them with a trans agenda which is undoubtedly affecting their mental health.

Its all part of an overall attempt to bring us down.

So we have a choice to make. Unite and stand, or be divided and fall.

Either way, God wins.

Choosing truth and justice can involve a lot of suffering. Choose it anyway.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

The prize is your soul.

If you let them, they will steal it from you!

Being kind and compassionate may be seen as a weakness and can also involve a lot of suffering. Choose it anyway 🙏🏼

Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with us if you have any questions about the upcoming six-week Parental Alienation Masterclass

This has been put together to help parents and children struggling to overcome narcissistic abuse in the form of parental alienation. See the page linked above for more information about that!

We look forward to helping more people from an international client base with their healing journeys. Watch this space for more blogs!

Wishing you all the very best for the Autumn season as Summer in Ireland comes to a close. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Carl J Ashley Aug 2023 

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